SoMe Brewing launches in York, ME

A few months ago, I reviewed some pre-production (homebrew) versions of beers from Southern Maine’s newest brewery, SoMe Brewing Company. The brewery is owned by father/son team Dave (father) and David (son) Rowland.

This past Friday I was able to taste all 4 of the beers that they have currently produced at their pre-Grand Opening party for a small group of brewers and supporters. They officially opened to the public the next afternoon, and have been pouring great beer to lots of people since then.

There is a good-sized tasting room, with the brew house and fermentation rooms behind the wall with their great looking logo on it. They sell logo pint glasses, as well as T-shirts, hoodies and hats in various sizes and colors at the brewery.

I really hope you’re able to make the trip there, whether on your way to go skiing this winter or to the beach this coming summer. They’re located right on US Route 1 in York, ME, less than a mile from I-95. Look for the SoMe Brewing sign, and the brewery is in the back of the building.


Here are my reviews, and you can also check out community ratings on SoMe’s Untappd listing:

  • Sweet Solstice is their inaugural holiday beer. It’s golden in color, and smells like honey, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. It’s very easy to drink, at 20 IBU and 4.2% ABV. I see this selling quite a bit over the next few months.

  • Box The Compass – This is SoMe’s standout Double IPA. The name comes from a nautical phrase that the younger Rowland heard somewhere once, the practice of “boxing the compass.” To become a proficient sailor, you had to know your compass points, simple as that. On to the beer. It’s a straight-forward double IPA. It runs 9.9% ABV, and 99 IBUs. While it’s malty, the hops hit you hard. It’s easy to drink, without burning out your taste buds.

  • Crystal Persuasion – This was an experimental beer that ended up being a hit. David was given a bag of Crystal hops, and decided to make a beer with nothing but Crystal. The end result was a very citrus-y, easy drinking American Pale Ale. IBUs in the upper 70s, with ABV at 8%.

  • Whoopie Pie Stout – If you’ve ever been to Maine, you have seen whoopie pies every where. They come in every flavor, from local Maine blueberry, to pumpkin, to peanut butter. Despite all the choices, the go-to that everyone thinks of is the whoopie pie with chocolate cake and vanilla filling. This beer attempts to be a liquid version, in a mild, easy drinking, approachable stout. It starts with chocolate malt, and the addition of lactose and vanilla beans turn this beer into Maine in a glass. My favorite story about this beer is that David’s aunt, who doesn’t like beer, loves this stout.

To wrap up, SoMe Brewing Company has released some great beers for their opening week, and I have seen some great stuff in the works for when these are gone. Hopefully you stop by, and support a great team of brewers.