Seacoast Craft Beer Reviews: Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA

Beer #2 of last night (we drank this while letting Pliny the Elder warm up) was Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA . This was a very good way for Stone to celebrate the innovation and change that they have brought to the craft beer scene.

This is a light bodied, excitingly hoppy beer. The malt is not your typical IPA Crystal malt, instead German Pilsner malts are used. The hop profile that Stone brought to this one is all unusual to American beer drinkers (Herkules, Hersbrucker, Magnum, Merkur, Opal, Smaragd & Strisselspalt. Dry-hopping with Sterling, a U.S. hop with Saaz parentage, lends a bit of familiarity,)

This is a big beer, clocking in at 9.5 % ABV. You can definitely taste the alcohol in this one as the hops in your mouth fade. You definitely taste all of the 102 ABUs. Lots of alcohol and lots of hops means that this is a beer best shared. It was fun to drink, while it lasted. I look forward to seeing what Stone comes up with for their 18th Anniversary.

Appearance: Hard pour brings out a large, 2 finger off white head that lasts. Good lacing. Clear amber with no particles.

Aroma: Light malt reminiscent of a pilsner. Lots of herby hops, with pine sneaking through as well. No yeast smell. The ABV is very evident, cutting through the thick head.

Palate: This is a very light drinking, but full in the mouth. Its smooth and creamy, with a little alcohol

Flavor: The hop flavor is very long-lasting. The flavor is exactly what the aroma leaves you expecting. One fun note is that it brings some very tasty burps.

Overall: This is a very fun beer to drink. Lots hops, and flavors I hadn’t tasted before. Very resin-y, very thick hops.



2 thoughts on “Seacoast Craft Beer Reviews: Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA

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