Seacoast Craft Beer Reviews: Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter

Portland, Maine’s Rising Tide brewery resurrected the Calcutta Cutter. It is an imperial IPA brewed in a small 7bbl batch. This is a small release, locally available in bottles and on draft, and at the brewery for growler fills.

We were very lucky to get our hands on this one. It was the freshest beer I’ve drank, bottled on 9/4 and drank on 9/6. It was another fun beer for our unplanned IPA night.

There’s not a whole lot of info on the web, so this is a tasting notes heavy review.

Appearance: A hard pour gives this beer a thick, creamy white head that diminishes fairly quickly. Even after it shrinks down to just a collar, it laces very well. The beer itself is a clear orange.

Aroma: The hop profile brings our a resin-y, citrusy aroma. Minimal alcohol in the nose. Lots of honey in this aroma as well.

Palate: Medium body, with a light fizz. Not a whole lot of carbonation in the mouth.

Flavor: The flavor is exactly what the smell is. Lots of hops, with a dark resiny taste. Brings to mind Sixpoint’s Resin. A lot of grapefruit shows in the flavor as the beer warms. As you drink, there’s a lot of bitterness in the front of the tongue, slowly moving toward the back of your mouth. The grapefruit hangs around in your mouth.

Overall:  This was a very good, very fresh DIPA. If you can find it on shelves, or head to the brewery, look for the red bottle and make it happen. Buy it fresh, drink it fresh, enjoy with friends.


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