Seacoast Craft Beer Reviews: Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild



Lagunitas Brewing Company‘s “Little Sumpin’ Sumpin” is a very hoppy wheat ale. Think of it as a wheat IPA. Filtered, so it’s very clear and clean, with a wheat backbone and lots of hops. This beer is available year round, as one of their signature beers.

Every summer, Lagunitas bottles a variation on Sumpin’ Sumpin’ called “Little Sumpin’ Wild.” They take the base beer, and add in Westmalle Trappist yeast. This brings a very hoppy and wheat-y and malt-y beer to a whole new level. A good beer becomes a great beer. It’s loaded with additional wheat and pale malt, as well as more hops. The magic of the wild yeast also takes the 7.5% ABV base beer to an 8.8% ABV Belgian IPA.

I definitely recommend this beer for hop heads who want to know more about what Belgian yeasts can do to beer. I also recommend it to those who already like Belgian beers. It represents the style very well.

Now for the review:

Appearance: Dark orange, with light bubbles. Half inch head fades to around 1/4 inch. Not a whole lot of lacing

Smell: The Belgian yeast phenols hit you like a ton of bricks. When cold, lots of grapefruit from the hops. As it warms up, the hop profile fades, and the banana from the yeast takes over. No alcohol smell.

Taste: Very complex. The taste follows the smell, starting off with lots of grapefruit from the hops, and warming into bananas from the yeast. Not overly carbonated, but with a definite bite.

Mouthfeel: Medium feel, not overly thick but sticks to your mouth

Overall: This is a very good beer. As a hop head, it does exactly what I expect Lagunitas to do. As a Belgian newbie, it’s a great representative of the style. Very good for the summer. Easily earns a 9/10.



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